The Resolution Fund

The Resolution Fund was created by Decree-Law No 31-A/2012 of 10 February 2012, which introduced a resolution regime into the Legal Framework of Credit Institutions and Financial Companies (Regime Geral das Instituições de Crédito e Sociedades Financeiras), approved by Decree-Law No 298/92 of 31 December 1992.

With the publication of Decree-Law No 31-A/2012 the previous framework on the reorganisation of credit institutions was extensively reviewed and was indeed replaced by a new approach by Banco de Portugal as regards the intervention on credit institutions and investment firms in financial distress.  The measures set out in the new regime aim at recovering or preparing the orderly winding-up of credit institutions and certain financial companies in situations of financial distress. The new toolbox includes three stages of intervention by Banco de Portugal, namely corrective measures, appointment of an interim board and resolution measures.

In this context, the primary goal of the Resolution Fund is to provide financial support for the implementation of resolution measures determined by Banco de Portugal.

The Resolution Fund is a public-law legal person with administrative and financial autonomy. It is operated within Banco de Portugal and has its head office in Lisbon.

Sale of Novo Banco Resolution of BES Resolution of BANIF

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Please note that the information in this website has yet to be updated according to the changes introduced by Law 23-A/2015, of 26 March. For updated information about the Fund please consult the current version of Regime Geral das Instituições de Crédito e Sociedades Financeiras ( Legal Framework of Credit Institutions and Financial Companies) available in (only available in Portuguese).

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